Terms & Conditions

General Rental Conditions


– Each driver must present his driving license (valid category B license) valid for the country in which he will use the rental car; must have been in possession of it for a minimum period of time established by law or local conditions; driving licenses in non-legible characters must be accompanied by an international driving license;

– The minimum age required for rental is 25 years old. If the Customer and / or the driver is under the age of 25, he is aware that a different and higher deductible value will be applied to him, as per the following art. 2.1;

– Payment of the estimated rental amount and any charges resulting from damage or loss of the rented vehicle must be guaranteed at the time of rental;

– The rental of the vehicle must be paid with the main financial credit cards, if accepted by the renter, subject to the issue of a specific authorization by the issuing institution;

– A guarantee deposit is required equal to the presumed freight and the deductible, as per subsequent art. 2.2, it can also be made, subject to payment authorization, by credit card.


The rented car is equipped with the following insurance coverage included in the rental price and shown on the rental contract.

– RCA (Automobile Civil Liability) for damage caused to third parties;

– ARD (Various Car Risks) fire, total or partial theft, natural and socio-political events, crystals, assistance.

2.1 Deductible in the event of damage to the car

Upon return of the vehicle, the Customer is responsible for any damage present to the same that has not been previously indicated in the appropriate space on the rental agreement, at the time of delivery of the vehicle and signing of the same. In the event of damage to the rented vehicle, a fixed excess will be charged as indicated on the rental agreement. In the event that the damage was caused by the person who rented, he agrees to pay the daily rental rate for the entire period in which the car cannot be used because it is being repaired

2.2 Deductible in the event of fire or total theft

In the event of fire or total theft, which must be reported immediately (and in any case no later than 6 hours) to LUXURY H2O Ltd, a fixed non-deductible deductible of 10% will be charged on the declared value, as indicated on the rental agreement.

2.3 Limitation of liability by way of deductible

By signing the specific limiting liability clause, shown in a specific space on the rental agreement, the Customer (provided that he is older than 25 years) is exempt from paying the excess (referred to in points 2.1 and 2.2), against payment of the additional price indicated therein. In any case, the Customer will be required to return the keys to the hirer, within the time limits established for the delivery of the vehicle and in any case within 24 hours from the discovery of the theft or fire. Damages caused voluntarily or due to negligence and / or negligence of the Customer, as well as damage to the upholstery, to the roof, as well as those deriving from refueling with fuel lost from that foreseen for the rented vehicle and for repairs are not included in the cases of limitation of liability. repairs carried out directly by the Customer without the consent of LUXURY H2O Ltd, or from the circulation of the vehicle in the presence of faults.


The rates include a limited and variable daily mileage, beyond which an amount per kilometer must be agreed, indicated in the rental agreement.


In the event that the vehicle is not available in the office or has been previously booked by another Customer, it will not be possible to rent. Rates do not include fuel. Vehicles are usually delivered with a full tank of fuel. Any missing fuel at the time of delivery will be charged to the customer in addition to the cost of a refueling service of € 30.00 for each quarter of the tank to be filled. Ordinary maintenance, oil and lubricant are included in the rate. Any costs for roadside assistance, which must be expressly approved by LUXURY H2O Ltd and the request for intervention must be demonstrable using the contacts on the rental contract, will be reimbursed upon presentation of the original invoice.


By signing the rental agreement, the Customer acknowledges that the vehicle is in good operating condition and free from apparent defects and undertakes to return it to LUXURY H2O Ltd in the same conditions and on the date indicated on the rental agreement. LUXURY H2O Ltd reserves the right to terminate the contract and regain possession of the vehicle at any time and if it is used in violation of the “Terms of Use” set out below in these “General Conditions”. The rented vehicle can be collected and returned to one of the LUXURY H2O Ltd offices or to another place agreed in advance; Normally, delivery and redelivery must take place in the same location, unless explicitly authorized by LUXURY H2O Ltd which, in the case of delivery and / or redelivery in a place lost from the one established, LUXURY H2O Ltd may request a refund. The duration of the rental is calculated in days, intended as periods of 24 hours and the rate applied is calculated on periods of 24 hours. The vehicle must be returned within the set time; in case of delay of more than 120 minutes, an additional rental day will be charged. The rental formula called “weekend” provides for collection in the afternoon on Friday and return by 10.00 on Monday, unless a different time has been expressly agreed. Failure to return the keys, booklet and navigation CD, will entail the continuation of the rental until the delivery of the same in their entirety or a written declaration of loss or theft.The loss or theft of each of these objects will result in a penalty of € 500.00.


The Customer and the driver are responsible for any infringements of the Highway Code and are required to pay any fines, fines or penalties that may be imposed on them (either through immediate complaint or by subsequent notification, including to LUXURY H2O Ltd) in all respects. the period of the rental of the vehicle. In case of non-direct payment of the above, the Customer expressly authorizes LUXURY H2O Ltd to charge the relative amounts to the credit card (s) indicated on the rental agreement. The Customer undertakes to transmit to LUXURY H2O Ltd, within 48 hours, any report notified to him by the public authority. Failing this, he will be responsible for any damage suffered by LUXURY H2O Ltd, even indirectly, due to failure to promptly transmit. In the event of a request by the police, LUXURY H2O Ltd is obliged to provide the name of the driver or drivers who will be notified of the fine for payment.


– For payment, one or two credit cards (NOT prepaid) are required at the time of booking, depending on the car category and model

– If the rental is booked more than 30 days in advance, a reservation deposit of 20% of the total rental cost will be charged.

– If the rental is booked between 30 and 15 days in advance, a reservation deposit of 50% of the total rental cost will be charged.

– If the rental is booked less than 15 days in advance, a reservation deposit of 100% of the total rental cost will be charged.

– The balance of the full amount will be required 15 days before the rental start date. For bookings made within 15 days of the rental date, full payment of the rental is required at the time of booking.

– The amount of the security deposit relating to damage and theft coverage will be blocked on the customer’s credit card 5 days before the rental start date

– The inability to block the deposit by the rental start date and time, due to credit card problems, not attributable to LUXURY H2O Ltd, will result in 100% of the booking costs being charged.


– Up to 30 days from the start of the rental

– no penalty

– From 30 days to 3 days before – 20%

– For cancellations plus tarps or no shows – 100%


The Customer, upon making the request, will pay or reimburse LUXURY H2O Ltd the following amounts:

– the cost of the rental rate, always paid in advance, according to the rates in force or indicated in the rental contract;

– any charges for the refueling service referred to in point 4;

– costs incurred for the delayed payment of the sums due. The Customer will be required to pay default interest at the current legal rate plus 3 points; the Customer will also be required to pay all legal, judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by LUXURY H2O Ltd for credit recovery; – any fines, penalties, administrative and legal costs or those arising from the use of the vehicle during the rental period, except in the event that they are attributable to LUXURY H2O Ltd;

– the applicable taxes and duties in force during the rental period;

– all sums that remain uncovered and not reimbursed by the insurance company relating to accidents caused by the customer or relating to the theft of the rented car;

– all the amounts provided for in this contract even if not reported here.

The Customer expressly authorizes LUXURY H2O Ltd to charge the credit card (s) indicated – on the rental agreement with all the relative amounts, even if liquid or due after the return of the vehicle. In no case will the Client who behaved illegally be relieved of direct responsibility towards any authority.


Within the limits established by law, LUXURY H2O Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Customer or third parties resulting from the use of the vehicle; for damages or inconveniences deriving from the delay of delivery; for any other cause beyond the control of LUXURY H2O Ltd.


The Customer is required to keep and use the vehicle with due diligence and in particular must not allow the vehicle to be used in the following cases:

– for sub-rental activities;

– for the transport of people or things for commercial purposes, against any consideration or in the cases prohibited by law;

– to push or tow vehicles, caravans, trailers or anything else;

– for races, trials or competitions:

– for driving carried out by the Customer or the driver who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or barbiturates or any other substance that may affect knowledge or the ability and readiness to react;

– in violation of any customs, traffic or other regulations;

– is driven by a lost person by the Customer unless this person has been indicated in the appropriate space when completing the rental agreement;

– is driven outside the Italian territory without the prior written authorization of LUXURY H2O Ltd.


Any accident must be reported immediately and in any case no later than six hours to LUXURY H2O Ltd. A report on the accident (or the Friendly Finding C.I.D) must be completed at any time, if requested, and in any case always at the time of return of the vehicle. . The Customer undertakes to obtain the data relating to the witnesses and the vehicles involved. The Client also undertakes to cooperate with LUXURY H2O Ltd in any investigation or criminal proceedings.


The person who signs the rental agreement in the name and on behalf of other persons and / or companies, will be jointly and severally liable with his representative for the obligations assumed towards LUXURY H2O Ltd.


Within the limits established by law, the Customer declares to indemnify LUXURY H2O Ltd from any claim related to the circulation of the vehicle and from any damage to the vehicle or the Customer himself or from third parties suffered, unless the fact is exclusively attributable to LUXURY H2O Ltd.